“What are you thankful for?” featuring Lisa Cochran

By, Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked The Studio’s head honcho Lisa Cochran what she is thankful for.













“In the book of James, it says to count it all joy, even the bad things you go through,” Cochran says. “I think it’s part of the growing process and smoothing rough edges. Adversity allows you to redefine your priorities and your purpose, or maybe even just refine them.”


“I think losing my mom this year, just losing someone who’s that big of a role in your life, makes you more thankful for relationships. It just takes it to a different level,” she says.

The staff-

“I am thankful for a diverse staff. When the 8 discs in my back that are bulging and protruding forced me to no longer work behind the chair full time, they really came through for the business,” Cochran says. “I’m thankful there are so many hats and positions we can have within this industry.”


“And of course I’m always thankful for family and my children,” Cochran says.


What we forget to be thankful for-

“The little things,” she says. “To be thankful for just life and opportunities.”

The Studio just hired a member of the ARC of Southeast Mississippi named Regina to assist us in cleaning the salon for a couple hours a week. Lisa says to see how “filled with gratitude” she is just to have a job and be here with us is a reminder of how much we tend to gripe and take our jobs and our lives for granted.