The Studio: What it’s really all about

Something important we have come to realize in our individual experiences at The Studio is that what we do is more than simply giving someone a great haircut, color, or other service. It’s also about building a relationship— one that centers on trust.

We understand that it’s something personal we have the privilege of doing. Sometimes it’s the privilege of being a part of someone’s wedding day, prom, first date, or big performance, and other times it’s the privilege of being there for someone during a difficult time.

We like to make a point to value that trust at The Studio. Salon owner Lisa Cochran said she experienced this first-hand recently when she had a few of the stylists accompany her before her mother’s funeral to give her mother one last makeover. Being on the receiving end this time showed Lisa just how much what we as stylists do can go beyond just giving a great service, she said.

Last week, Lisa and salon assistant Leighanne Lockhart had that opportunity when they took a trip to Forrest General Hospital to give a woman a haircut who was preparing to go through chemotherapy treatments which would cause her to lose her hair. Surrounded by her three children, husband, and other loved ones in a hospital room, this woman bravely and selflessly let Lisa cut off her long, beautiful locks all the way up to her chin. Her wish was to donate her hair to a child before she lost it all.

Last month, we also had the privilege of giving a Valentine’s Day makeover to a woman who had just found out she is cancer-free. This woman had been to The Studio in the past and enjoyed a hair service before she found out a few days later she had breast cancer. She would lose all of her hair through treatments. Tears welled up in our team members’ eyes as we listened to her excitement after delivering the news over speakerphone that she had been chosen for the makeover.


This is what it’s all about.


The Studio is comprised of a team that understands that life is filled with both happy and sad moments, and it’s our privilege to share in those moments through providing our services. Whether you’re the college student going to your first big job interview, the bride going to take the photos you will look back on for a lifetime, or the person suffering the loss of a loved one, we thank you for trusting us.


-Your friends at The Studio