The Studio to host Cut-A-Thon to support Aveda Earth Month


By, Leighanne Lockhart/The Studio

Next time your stylist at The Studio is shampooing your hair with clean, temperature-controlled water, take a moment to really think about that water. In the U.S. where clean, running water is made so accessible and convenient for us every day with the flip of a handle in our own homes and businesses, it’s easy to take it for granted. Imagine living in a place where mothers have to leave their children by themselves for hours every day while they walk miles to retrieve water for their families. On top of the daily trek being a physically daunting and time-consuming task, the water they bring back isn’t exactly temperature-controlled or even clean.


In honor of Earth Day, Aveda sets aside the month of April to raise funds in support of clean water projects around the world. Aveda has raised $26 million for these projects in the past 7 years, and this year the company’s goal is $6 million. Our clients can help The Studio support this cause a couple of ways:


1) Purchase a limited edition Light the Way candle for $12 at our salon. 100% of profits go toward the Global Greengrants Fund, and a purchase of just 1 candle can provide clean drinking water for 6 months to a family of 6 in India.



2) Sign up and attend our Earth Month Cut-A-Thon on Monday, April 28. On Monday, our team members will volunteer their time from 9-5 to a day of haircuts, hand and chair massages, and blowouts. The Studio is donating all proceeds to our local clean water organization, Lower Mississippi RiverKeeper. Call today and reserve your spot to contribute!



Also, visit the Aveda website hereĀ for some simple actions you can take at home to help conserve water.

Because ‘clean water is pure happiness.’