The Studio shares healthy lifestyle tips!

By Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio,

Aveda isn’t just about the health and well-being of hair and skin, but also taking care of the mind and body.

At The Studio, we strive to both practice overall well-being in our own lives as well as instill the habits in our guests.

Guests know we love Aveda for their natural, plant-based products that are healthy for us, but we also appreciate the brand’s emphasis on taking care of the planet and our mental well-being.

That is why we also thought it would be fun to share some of our staff’s favorite healthy lifestyle tips!

Massage therapist Brian Clifton is our health king and says everyone should stretch every morning and night. He also is well known at the salon for his regular chicken and broccoli meals.

“It keeps you flexible and helps keep common body aches and pains to a minimum,” Clifton says.

Clifton also says his best advice is to eat healthy at least 80% of the time and to focus on doing more resistance training rather than just cardio. Sweating in general and massages are great for your health, he says.

“And go to the beach at least once a year… if not ten,” Clifton adds.

“Get in and out of bed at the same time every day,” says guest service rep Robert Greenstreet.

Studio team member Carson Childers suggests drinking lots of water.

“I’ve been drinking a gallon of water every day for the past month and have gotten so many comments on my skin,” Childers says.

Blogger’s two cents: Personally, I love getting lots of fruit in my diet. It keeps me naturally more energized throughout the day than coffee and helps with digestion. With all the fiber and nutrients, the natural sugars won’t spike insulin levels and promote fat storage like refined forms of sugar will. Smoothies are my favorite for breakfast, mid-afternoon pick-me-ups, and pre/post workout.

“For healthy looking skin, drink lots of water and wear sunscreen,” stylist Kasha Hughes suggests. “Aveda offers tinted moisturizer with spf, lip saver with spf and hair veil to protect your hair color from the sun.”

Here is an easy day of healthy meals:

Breakfast- Smoothie

Snack- Greek Yogurt & Berries

Lunch- Lean Protein & Green Veggies

Snack- Apple & Peanut Butter or Celery, Carrots & Hummus

Dinner- Egg White Omelet with Spinach, Veggies, & Low-Fat Cheese or Avocado

Dessert- Greek or Low-Fat Yogurt or Small Serving of Fruit