The Studio gets a makeover

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18








By, Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio


Breaking Down Some Walls

The Studio might look different when you come in for your next appointment—- A LOT different.

We’re excited to take on a new and exciting vision for our company. Shades of grey, pops of orange, funky mirrors, vintage furniture, a closed-in, more intimate shampoo room, and a complete spa renovation. The salon area has new chairs and stations on the way, too, and a big drum lamp will eventually replace the old chandelier. Mirrors are being mounted and re-stained, and lighting is being improved. You can say we’re breaking down some walls… literally.

One of the questions owner Lisa Cochran said she has been asking herself is, “In what ways are we serving our community through our business?” And with that came “prayerful thoughts, vision, and clarity,” she said.

New Spa

In addition to getting outside our walls and finding ways to serve people with our skills, Cochran said she wants to bring that feeling of community inside The Studio in a brand new way. “We want to rethink Spa,” she said.

“We have been treating spa as a luxury service instead of a wellness service like it truly is,” Cochran explained. “So, I thought why not bring that restoration and wellness to the whole?”

In researching Eastern cultures, Cochran said she discovered that spas look very different from spas in Western cultures. “In Eastern culture, spa is a community where people aren’t ashamed of their bodies. It’s not closed off, one-on-one in a room.”

With that thought came a vision for a new spa department that will be more of a “relaxation room” with lounge chairs, dimly-lit lamps, and a brow bar. It will be a peaceful place for guests to go while their colors are processing to enjoy some complimentary pampering including steamers, foot soaks, hand and back massages, waxes, mini facials, and makeup touch-ups. They also will be able to help themselves to a refreshment bar that will include fresh orange-infused water, coffee, and tea.

Our Mission

“We’re raising the standard for our industry and our brand right here in Hattiesburg,” Cochran said.

Every detail is being crafted to serve our guests, our employees, and the community around us. From the purse hook included on the side of our new stainless steel stations (which, by the way, will hide all those dreaded wires) to the purposeful aromas that wisp through our building, we are attempting to reinforce Aveda’s mission statement.






“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” -Steve Jobs