The Secret to Always Having Time With Your Favorite Stylist

By Robert Greenstreet/ The Studio,

How many times has this happened to you? It’s been a little over a month since your last salon visit, and one morning you discover that your bangs are in your eyes, your split ends are inches long, and your roots suddenly look like they’ve grown out a foot! So, you call The Studio, but your stylist’s first opening is sometime after the second coming–thus, you are forced to wait in agony, or (Gasp!) go to another salon.

We know this is an all too common phenomenon. Our Guest Services Team members field several calls like this each day and are often tasked with the unfortunate duty of informing guests that their options are limited. So, what is the secret? How does one go about guaranteeing that they always have the time they need with their favorite stylist? Well, there are three options:

The first and easiest option is simply to book your next appointment as you are checking out. Often, stylists’ schedules begin opening up four or more weeks ahead, so it usually isn’t very difficult to find a time that works for you and your stylist. We understand that for some, unpredictable work, class, or activity schedules make it difficult to plan that far ahead, but our best advice is to go ahead and schedule your appointment before you leave, and change it later, if necessary.

The second option, with slightly less chance of success, is to call to schedule at least two weeks before you will need your color and/or cut. In this time frame, there is less flexibility than scheduling at the time of check out, but there is often the option of having your preferred stylist do the more individually-oriented part of your service–the color and/or cut–and another stylist perform the blow dry. This is one of the many benefits to our guests of The Studio being a “team-based” salon! (Read more about the benefits of our model here.) This option, though, requires that you pay attention to your hair’s growth patterns.

The third, most efficient option is to set up “standing” appointments. If you know exactly what you want each time you come in, and exactly how long it takes for your hair to arrive at an unmanageable state, our Guest Services Team can schedule your color and/or cut every x-number of weeks on your preferred day, at your preferred time, and with your preferred stylist. This takes the uncertainty and frustration out of scheduling, since you aren’t trying to finagle a common time between you and your stylist, and we take care of letting you know when your next appointment is. This is an especially convenient option if you must come after school/work on our late days, Tuesdays and Thursday, or on Saturdays, as these are the times that fill the fastest. And the best part is that we can take the worry off your hands for six months, a year, or more!

One last thing to think about: With our “team-based” pay model for stylists, it is to their benefit for guests to schedule their next appointment at checkout. The more guests who do this, the better their earnings!

We appreciate all of our guests, and we work hard to help each of you have the most pleasant experience possible. Scheduling ahead is one of the ways that we try to take as much stress off of your shoulders as we can. We invite you to take advantage of these pre-booking secrets in order to make your experience at The Studio as smooth as possible!

Call 601-268-1162 to book. We look forward to seeing you back!

-The Studio team