The Remnant: A Space with Intention

When you step into The Remnant, you’ll never know you’re in a thrift store. Our new resale shop, located right next to Studio R3 in Laurel, Mississippi, is full of charm and stocked with carefully curated items.

The goods sold at this little boutique with a purpose will help provide opportunities for women at Dwell, a transitional housing community for women in Laurel, Mississippi.

Our owner, Lisa Cochran, and her husband, founded Dwell to provide safe, affordable, temporary housing for women in recovery, victims of domestic violence, divorce, released from incarceration or suffering financial hardships. And now, with The Remnant, we’re able to offer a stream of revenue to help Dwell residents.

Source: The Remnant Facebook Page

A Place with Purpose

The women who come to Dwell are often in a fragile state, and not always mentally strong enough to hold a traditional nine-to-five job.

“Part of what we do at Dwell is placing our residents with employers who understand recovery,” Lisa says. “Sometimes these women have trauma and anxiety and need a little flexibility in the workplace so they can become a whole person again.”

When women come to their apartment provided by Dwell, thanks to sponsors, they don’t have to worry about security deposits or utilities the first month, taking the pressure off and allowing them to focus on themselves, and in some cases, their children.

Dwell residents also get beauty services free of charge at The Studio/Studio R3.

Another special touch to give residents a sense of normalcy is the opportunity to choose household items in a warehouse full of donated goods.

“The apartments they stay in are furnished, but the warehouse allows them to pick something unique to their home, like pretty napkins or a fun lamp,” Lisa says. “We take home and hospitality for granted, and it’s important—especially in the South.

And now, at The Remnant, all those donated items will be carefully curated and beautifully displayed.

“Many of our Dwell residents are talented artists or crafts people, so this is also an opportunity to sell their goods,” Lisa says. “Some residents will work at The Remnant, too. The goal is to provide extra money for Dwell and continue our tradition of women helping women raise each other up.”

Profit from The Remnant will go back into covering the cost of operation, and anything left over will be given back to employees in bonuses and incentives in a profit-sharing program.

Source: The Remnant Facebook Page

Anthropology Meets Thrift

The Remnant is not your ordinary thrift store. Our building, that also houses Studio R3, is the oldest in Laurel, and full of character.

Exposed brick walls and old hardwood floors are the perfect backdrop for handmade Christmas ornaments, jellies and jams, and like-new household items and clothing, including many designer brands.

“It was easy to make this space pretty,” Lisa says. “Our building is everything new buildings try to duplicate—very vintage and rustic. And we feel so blessed to have had so many amazing donations. We even had a local store give us last year’s inventory—all new stuff!”

The Remnant connects to Studio R3, allowing Lisa to peek in on the store during salon hours. But we’ve also hired a store manager and some local high school students, allowing them to get their community service hours for college applications (just another way The Remnant is able to work with Laurel locals!). All employees are trained to communicate our message to customers and respect the privacy of our Dwell residents who work and contribute to The Remnant.

Source: The Remnant Facebook Page

Give Back, Support The Remnant

Making The Remnant the best it can be is a community effort! We need your donations to stock the store and keep it profitable. Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Watch our Facebook page for posts about items we’re looking for and donation days. We curate the items that hit The Remnant shelves with thoughtfulness and care (you’ll never guess you’re shopping in a thrift store!).
  • Items that don’t make it to the floor go into a community garage sale, with funds going back into The Remnant.
  • Have lots of kids clothes? We don’t sell them at The Remnant, but we’ll take them! We recently made $250 when we sold children’s clothing to a consignment shop. Nothing goes to waste, and all profits benefit the store and Dwell residents.
  • Shop at The Remnant: 602 Carroll Gartin Blvd.

Hours: Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm; Saturday 10am-3pm

Donations are eligible for a tax write off.