The Art of a Brow Wax, featuring Kayla

By, Leighanne Lockhart/The Studio

Raise your hand if you or someone you know has had a not-so-good (traumatizing) brow wax experience…



That’s what we thought. Half an eyebrow gone. Uneven shape. Too thin. Burned skin. The list goes on, and we’ve heard them all. Here at The Studio, we recently decided to take our brow wax experience to the next level. Aveda style.

We enjoy giving our guests that complimentary value-added hand massage, scalp massage, warm neck wrap, etc. so we thought why not add a little extra love to our brow waxes? As we prepare to get our new relaxation lounge started up with our new spa services, guests now can expect to also receive a more relaxing and thorough brow wax experience.

The team recently went through a refresher and training session on brow waxing with The Studio’s nail tech and waxing specialist, Kayla Herring.

“A lot of us ignore our eyebrows or have over-tweezed them into non-existence not realizing how important they are in defining our face,” Herring says.

Our brow waxes begin with a consultation discussing current and desired shape and thickness and may include personal recommendations based on face shape. The service is performed in a relaxing atmosphere with the option of hard or soft wax and finishing with minimal tweezing to fine tune desired shape and remove strays. Aveda products and aromas are both used in the service and added for experience. After the guest is satisfied with the brow shape, they are then offered an optional brow fill-in with an Aveda shadow.

We are believers that a defined brow is what makes your face look complete and put together.

“There isn’t one shape that is the best,” Herring says. “It really just depends on your unique facial features and shape. Just like facial contouring with makeup, your eyebrow shape and thickness can help soften your face shape.”

Herring says how often you get your brows waxed depends on personal preference, but she suggests getting the service done every 2 to 4 weeks.