“No, I Promise There Will Be No Hard Feelings If You See Someone Else”

“No, I Promise There Will Be No Harsh Feelings If You See Someone Else”

As a Guest Care team member, I find we are saying this line more often than not. Don’t
get me wrong, but this is a GOOD thing. Every time a guest comes to this realization, it shines
light upon our true company values. With every visit, we want to encourage our guests as much
as possible to explore different options. I mean, I bet it would be an ease of mind knowing
there are multiple stylists available at your time of need. We pride ourselves in being a team based salon, but most importantly we want our guests to know that it is all about THEM. Their
time. Their schedule. Their needs. Every guest, every time.

Family values run deep through our core. From our Mission Statement to our paid
maternity/adoption leave, the presence of family is there.
The timing of this blog could not be more appropriate. We just had one of our stylists,
Brittany, come back from maternity leave, and coming up in July we will have Cristy and Hanna
out as well. AND WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THEM! For a lot of salons, having 2-3 stylists out at
one time might throw a wrench in the day to day operations. Not here….

” I love that I could stay home with my baby and not have to worry about finances or clients. I
was able to enjoy Jenson without worrying” – Brittany, Senior Stylist

“Being a full-time employee transitioning to more of a part time roll, I was ecstatic to receive
the same maternity leave as a full-time stylist. As a new mom, there is nothing better than being
able to spend the first six weeks with your newborn.” – Jessica, Guest Care Member

All of our stylists are very in tune with their guests, as well as each other. By that, I mean
that before any stylist goes on a leave, they always communicate with each other regarding
guests needs/likes/dislikes etc. Not only that, but each guests’ unique color formula is updated
in the system as well. That type of support is like that of a family. And to think, all of that takes
place BEFORE the guest even gets here.

We know it can be uncomfortable seeing another stylist, and our Guest Care Team is here to help,  but honestly, the only piece of
the puzzle that really changes is the face of a new stylist in the mirror. All the other aspects of
the experience remain the same. The talent. The care. The support. All still revolved around one
thing: YOU.