Please join us in welcoming our new team members!

“You can have the best strategy and the best building in the world, but if you don’t have the hearts and minds of the people who work with you, none of it comes to life.” – Renee West 

This quote perfectly exemplifies what our company strives to demonstrate not only to our guests but to our new employees as well. A lot of us always joke around and say, “Gosh, I see you guys more than I see my own family!” It sounds silly, but it is relevant in a GOOD way. Between both locations, we are a tight knit group of not only co-workers but also friends and family. Luckily, our employee turnover is very low, and we take pride in that. We are constantly looking to grow our team, because with growth comes another addition to our work “family.”

With every new member that joins the team, comes a new skill set that we are eager to utilize. People perceive and interpret things differently, and in turn use all those building blocks to carry out a skill. That is why growing our team opens such a world of possibilities. The three new talents that we are ecstatic to have join our team are: Madi Calloway, Satchl McQueen, and Lynlee Dye.

Madiran “Madi” Calloway: I know her name initially throws us for a loop, however it has quite the eccentric origin. Coming from a family of creative minds, Madi’s mother named her after a vineyard she frequented during culinary school. As a military wife, Madi has traveled north to Alaska and west to Kansas, but she is ecstatic to be back in the South where she was born and raised. Don’t be surprised if you hear a “Roll Tide” slip out occasionally – her talent makes up for her poor football choices. Her favorite service to provide our guests with is a wonderful blowout!

Satchl McQueen: For starters, her laugh will make you laugh – you can’t resist it! It matches her spirit, which she puts so much of into her work. She has been a cosmetologist for five years, and the biggest reason she wanted to be in this field of work is the satisfaction. Not only the satisfaction of making people feel better about their appearance, but the joy she gets to see on their faces. The connection she shares with all of her clients is what helps her thrive. She loves doing occasion makeup as well, so be sure to come visit her with any and all of your makeup needs!

Lynlee Dye: Lynlee attended Jones County Junior College where she was enrolled in the Cosmetology program. She graduated in August of 2018 and shortly after got her cosmetology license. Her journey here started when she came to The Studio for her own beauty needs. She loved what The Studio represented, which in turn confirmed her career path. Her passion isn’t merely the art of hair, but rather enhancing one’s already present beauty. She loves the fact that she gets to spend her days interacting with beautiful people. For her, there’s nothing like turning your client to face the mirror and watching them “wow” at the beauty that was only enhanced. She looks forward to seeing you at The Studio!