New guests, be warned. We might catch you off guard.

By Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio,

If you’re a newbie at The Studio, be forewarned. You might be caught off guard.

You thought you were just coming in to get your hair done. No, maam/sir, you thought wrong.

You and your stylist are just getting settled in at the chair, and then you feel a third presence approach you. “Would you like a hand massage!?,” it asks.

“Say what..? A hand massage?,” you reply in bewilderment. “You mean you want to massage my hands?”

“It’s complimentary!,” says one of the smiling people in black.

“Ehhhrrrrr… okaaayy,” you say as you give in to this unconventional offer.

A lot of things might catch you off guard at The Studio. That’s the point. To both surprise and delight you, our guest.

If you’re new here, you get the grand tour. Literally. A guest services member will personally give you a tour of the salon before or after your first service with us.

It’s just our way of getting you acquainted so you can feel right at home. At this time, you also will learn how our salon functions differently from most other salons by being non-commission “team-based” with hourly pay. We’ll explain how that opens up unique opportunities for both the guests and the employees. Read one of our most popular posts about that here!

“While your color is processing, would you like to visit our relaxation lounge?,” your stylist asks.

“What’s the relaxation lounge?”

Glad you asked. Read our post on this fresh new community spa concept, unlike anything else you’ll encounter in a salon in this area.

Sink down into one of our padded rocking chairs and doze off for a while in a dimly lit room with candles, Aveda aromas, and soothing music playing. You also can choose to lock the chair and soak your feet in a warm bath. This is all, yes, complimentary.

You might choose to pamper yourself even more by adding one of our spa services to your visit. Our massage therapist offers an eye treatment, a hand and arm massage, and foot reflexology.

Learn more about our relaxation lounge services here.

Okay back to the free stuff…

-Scalp massage during your shampoo
-A cup of coffee, tea, or fruit-infused water
-Free samples of Aveda products we have available
-Complimentary bang trims or neck clean-ups between services

We also have an ongoing referral program that allows you and the guest you refer to get $20 off service or products. You can refer an unlimited number of guests for an unlimited $20-off discounts. Just simply remind us to give you more referral cards before you leave.

You also can ask the front desk about the Aveda Pure Privilege program. Rack up points for free gifts and even a trip to an exotic place!

Bottom line:
We want to catch you off guard in a good way. We want to serve you abundantly. We believe in earning your trust and loyalty to our company. We believe in what we do here at The Studio and believe in sharing our gold nuggets with everyone who walks through the door.