Kiss and Make-Up

It’s time to Kiss and Make-Up!


It’s been one cold winter season, and those lips of yours are probably dry and chapped because of it. So ladies, it’s time to hurry and get those babies balmed up in time for Valentine’s Day at our annual Kiss and Make-Up event!


Our staff here at The Studio is prepared to help! Come in between now and Valentine’s Day for a free makeup touch-up, and we’ll help you pick out the perfect shade. We have an array of colors to match everyone’s personality whether you’re a Sheer Rhubarb, a Mulberry, a Cherrybud, a Sugar Apple, or even one Hot Pepper; We’ll help you figure it out!


To help spread the love this season, The Studio is donating 10% of all Aveda lip product sales to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through February 14. Additionally, we are collecting $1 donations for the charity. Every person who donates gets their lipstick applied, kisses a paper heart to be hung on the wall, and is entered into a drawing for a free gift from us!


So, go ahead. Kick those winter blues and moods, and Kiss and Make-Up!