“I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, but……”

By Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio,

Most hair service guests are familiar with the unspoken taboo of switching stylists within the same salon. If a guest isn’t happy with her stylist, more than likely that guest will switch salons completely. Don’t want to cause any awkward tension or hurt feelings…

Not so with The Studio.

We try to explain to all our new guests that we are “team-based” and why that makes us different.

Contrary to the typical salon set-up being either commission-based or independent booth rent, a team-based environment takes the spotlight off the individually-minded, self-promoting mindset and instead produces a group working together toward a common goal.

Here at The Studio, that common goal is consistency, innovativeness, morality, professionalism, continued growth, and excellence.

The Studio is set up more similar to a company. Our employees are paid hourly, receive benefits and paid vacation, get regular education and opportunities to attend classes in the region, and are eligible for monthly bonuses when the team reaches goals. Additionally, the salon owner is working toward offering a 401K plan to its employees.

The team-based, more non-compete environment allows for a group effort mindset, and therefore it is okay to switch around and try out different stylists at our salon. No hurt feelings. No cold shoulders. Just the same warm greetings, smiles, and “Would you like a hand massage?” offers.

Our goal is to satisfy every guest’s needs and style, and that may mean a different stylist than the first one you tried here. It’s a new year. Has your style changed? Do you need a fresh perspective? Another opinion? Make the request. Our guest services team is more than willing to help.

Although we all go through the same training, that doesn’t mean we all work the same. Hair is a science, but it is also an art. And with art comes creativity, and creativity looks different on everyone. We encourage you to find the stylist with the creative eye and personality that meshes with yours.

So if you’re looking for something new this new year, come in and try a new style (and maybe a new stylist!)