How We’re Supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking


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Here at Studio Aveda in Hattiesburg, MS, making a difference is in our DNA. Whether it’s giving our amazing guests a life-changing new look, using products with sustainably-sourced ingredients or partnering with organizations working to make the world a better place, we are determined to create change. One cause very close to our hearts is putting an end to human trafficking and supporting survivors —read on to learn about how you can support this cause with us.


Human trafficking is the practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, usually for forced labor or sexual exploitation. It’s hard to believe, but at least 20 million people are bought and sold worldwide for these purposes (including 2 million children). And while tragically many victims are unable to escape cycles of exploitation due to a lack of skills and opportunities, there are people out there working to change that.

Our friends at Justice and Soul are doing just that. The organization started in Cambodia to empower at-risk young people and trafficking survivors to thrive in the beauty industry. And while it might seem odd to encourage survivors to enter into the world of beauty, to us it makes total sense. This industry is is not only teeming with growth and opportunity, but it also gives people hope, confidence and the sense of purpose that comes from improving people’s lives. Justice and Soul provides survivors with free training in hair, makeup, nails and skincare (a few of our favorite things) so that they can be develop their craft, grow in their career, be self sufficient and able to earn a living without returning to trafficking for survival.


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One of the reasons we believe in this cause so much? We actually have experienced first-hand the life-changing impact that this work can have. Meet Den, our friend from Cambodia, who we had the joy of working with thanks to Justice and Soul and The Hard Places Community. He came to The Studio Aveda to shadow our team members for three months, and we taught him about American culture, business values, healthy company principles and the fundamentals of being a stylist.

It’s safe to say that meeting Den changed our lives and deeply emphasized the importance of this work. When Den graduated from cosmetology school, a few members of our team flew over to Cambodia to watch him receive his license and celebrate such an enormous achievement. It makes us so proud to know that with his new skillset and increased confidence, Den will be able to earn a sustainable living doing what he loves.


We continue to support Den in Cambodia by donating monthly, and we also raised money to support Century 9, a restaurant in Cambodia that also helps survivors of human trafficking find new options. In fact, we were able to raise $5,400 for them in one day!


As beauty gurus ourselves, we know how empowering is it to work in this industry, and we want to pay it forward. So we are blending our love of beauty and our love of giving back, and what better way than with everyone’s favorite product, lipstick?


Your support means the world to us and to all the people touched by this important work.

  • Now through September 1, 25% of proceeds from your Aveda lip color purchase will go to Justice and Soul.
  • Starting September 1, 10% of proceeds from all NEW Vegan-Formula Aveda lip color purchases will go to Justice and Soul.

Come in and and we’ll help you find your perfect shade (or shades—because a wise woman once said you can never have too many lip colors). You’ll feel great knowing you have helped change someone’s life, and you’ll look great because Aveda’s lip colors do not disappoint, we promise.

Find out other ways to get involved with Justice and Soul here. Can’t make it in but want to help? Shop your Aveda lip color online.