How our stylists are trained at The Studio and what that means for you, the guest

By Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio,

At The Studio, we want our guests to feel comfortable should they have to see more than one of our stylists.

“We all go through the same training,” they say.

Here is what that means:

Our stylists go through weekly training at the Laurel salon for both regular review and continuing education through Aveda. Everyone starts out by first mastering the foundations of hair cutting and then learning to innovate and create new and customized looks using those fundamentals.

Before taking clients, every stylist at The Studio is expected to meet a set of standards that ensure they can meet the average guest’s hair care needs. However, we have a mutual understanding between stylists that they can feel comfortable coming to each other when unsure of anything.

“Newer stylists know they always have the support of the more seasoned stylists,” cutting coach Karlie Carter says. “That’s how we do things here.”

Last year, Carter went through Aveda Boot Camp in Tallahassee, Fla., a rigorous seven-month program of training to become an in-salon educator. This year, it’s stylist Marcus Morton’s time to go through the Boot Camp, this time held in Dallas, Texas.

“We pride ourselves on keeping up with trends and being able to do fashion-forward hairstyles while also being able to do classic looks,” Carter says.

Up until now, training has been done on mannequins, however the salon is now beginning to implement model calls to allow more opportunities for stylists to practice techniques on real life guests.

“We encourage creativity in our stylists and often use images in our trainings,” Carter says. “So we encourage our guests to bring images because it helps us to better understand the look they want.”

Keep on the lookout for upcoming model calls for our trainings, and if you are a regular guest in our salon, we hope this reassures you of our stylists’ abilities to serve you!

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See you soon!
-The Studio team