” Honey, put your lipstick on and deal with it”.

The title for this blog is a statement I have said many times. My philosophy is that looking good helps you do good. The Studio and Studio R3 have adopted the phrase, “Look Good. Do Good.”  Let me explain how YOU are helping us do good.

You might not be aware, but The Studio donates 10% of all lipstick sales to fight human trafficking. Guess what? In the first half of 2016, YOU payed for Den, our intern from Cambodia, to go to beauty school in his home country of Cambodia. That’s right. That one tube of Aveda lipstick is helping to fight human trafficking on a global level. We call this Kisses for Cambodia.  Den’s education is a gift that will continue to give. You see, Den is in beauty school at Katie Korpe, and this is done through www.justiceandsoul.org. It’s core emphasis is on ending human trafficking and creating financial stability by providing a skill set and sustainable wages. We have a company vision of partnering with others to open salons that help end the senseless acts associated with trafficking.  So if you are interested in Look Good. Do Good. and  are  unsure which lipstick shade works best for you? Not a problem. Ask one of the front desk – guest services employees, and they will assist you in finding that perfect shade!

So the next time you reach for that tube of Aveda lipstick remember you are not only looking good, you are doing good.


Live life with purpose!!Den with Matthew Den School Den with Guest Artist Den with students


Lisa Cochran