Give it a go with Ergo!



By Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio

“I wish I could get my hair to look this way at home.” -said everyone ever.

That statement is something us stylists at The Studio hear almost daily from our guests after a blowout. We’re here to tell you that you absolutely can get salon-day hair at home. With the right products, and the right tools, and some practice, you can get that luscious blow-dry style with your own two hands. We have faith.


In previous blog posts, we have discussed several of our favorite Aveda products for blow-dry styling including Volumizing Tonic, Phomollient, Smooth Infusion and Pure Abundance Style Preps, Naturally Straight, and Dry Remedy Oil. Whether you are looking for volume, sleekness, or a combination of both, you can achieve your desired look!

This week we are sharing with you one of our key secrets to a great blowout—- Ergo brushes.

“The wider barrels allows you to take bigger sections to increase overall air flow which in turn decreases your drying time,” stylist Coy Scott said. “The tourmaline crystals on the bristles really polish the hair.”

The Studio has recently started using and selling Ergo brushes, which feature “heat-resistant nylon bristles infused with a tourmaline crystal complex which creates negative ions to penetrate and condition the hair. The ions are released when tension and heat are applied helping to maintain healthy hair and repair cuticle damage. When the cuticle is closed, hair color resists fading from UVA/UVB rays,” as stated on the Ergo website.

Certain brushes, especially old, worn-out and frayed ones, are abrasive to the hair shaft and damage the cuticle. In addition to damaging the texture, the wrong bristles will scratch off your hair color taking away its freshness and shine and leaving your hair looking dull.

“The round brushes feature the longest barrels in the industry (about 1” longer) to allow for larger sections of hair to be used, allowing a faster overall finishing time (That means less heat styling overall!).

A greater distance between the ferrule (the solid portion closest to the handle) and our seamless handle design helps prevent any hair from catching around the handle,” as stated on the Ergo website.

Stylist Kasha Hughes said, “There’s no cap on the brushes so it prevents excess tangling, the crystals give a smoother look, and the brush is longer so you can work with more hair at a time and get in those hard-to-reach places.”


Using Ergo brushes results in instantly sleeker, stronger, shinier hair. They offer:

•Faster drying time due to expelling the water when the hair cuticle and shaft are constricted
•Stronger hair due to the compaction of the hair strand
•Shinier and longer lasting hair color due to the closure of the cuticle allowing light to reflect off more easily
•Humidity control due to cuticle constriction to help prevent frizziness

Stop by the front on your next visit to The Studio and check out these beautifully designed brushes for yourself!