Five-minute makeup! (Featuring Anna)

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By Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio,

Our makeup expert, Anna Broome, has mastered the art of rolling out of bed with little to no time to make it to work, but one would never know it judging by her makeup. On most days anyway…

Today our blonde diva shares with us her five-minute Aveda makeup routine for an everyday look or last-minute bind.

1) Broome said first she recommends starting out with the Botanical Kinetics toning mist to help hydrate and balance the skin while minimizing surface oil build-up. The white oak, witch hazel, and peppermint provide mild astringent benefits.

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2) Next she applies the Aveda mineral tinted moisturizer. It’s a 3-in-1 package providing coverage, moisturizing benefits, and sun protection with spf 15.

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3) She follows that with the mineral dual foundation on top (wet or dry) for a non-caking matte finish.

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4) Broome contours her face on the 4 corners (sides of the forehead and sides of the face down to the jaw) with the uruku bronzer.

5) She adds a pop of natural color to her face with the Petal Essence Face Accents blush.

6) Next, Broome adds a one-color eyeshadow to her lids followed by Aveda mosscara.

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7) She adds the finishing touch with a swipe of bold lip gloss, and sets her face with one more spritz of the toning mist.

Easy peasy!

“It’s just enough to give you a healthy glow,” Broome says.

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