Everything You Need To Know About Embracing Your Grey

For many people, the idea of going grey is scary and a little overwhelming, especially when it feels like it’s premature. But in reality, everyone’s hair is different, and some people start greying in their 20’s and 30’s, showing that grey hair isn’t a sign of being old—it’s just a hair color. Thankfully, the times are changing. Grey is having a cultural moment, and these days, women of all ages are boldly embracing their beautiful grey hair. One of those women is Lisa, the owner of The Studio in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Read on to hear about her journey and learn all you need to know about embracing your own grey.



Being in the salon industry for several decades, Lisa has always known she would eventually fully embrace her grey, but she never knew the right time—until quarantine happened. While she stayed home for eight weeks, she could have covered her greys, but she wanted to feel solidarity with her community and the guests of The Studio Salon who couldn’t get their hair done. So, it turned out to be the perfect time to lean into her natural color, and she’s never looking back.

After quarantine ended and the salon opened back up, she went in for a six-hour service with The Studio colorist Kasha. Yes, you read that right—it took SIX hours to take her from quarantine hair to a beautiful, gorgeous grey. The reason it took so long is that going from colored hair to full grey while maintaining the health of the hair is a lengthy process that requires many steps and lots of expert knowledge from your stylist, otherwise you risk damaging hair.

For Lisa, the six-hour process (which included foiling every single strand of hair, removing the existing color, enlightening, toning, rinsing and repeating) was a welcomed opportunity to stop and sit still for a while, especially after the rush and stress of reopening the salon after COVID-19 closures. Kasha walked her through the experience, keeping her in the loop every step of the way, so she always knew what was happening and why. While they waited, they discussed how Lisa could change up her makeup to complement her new color and feel more confident than ever.

The results proved all the time and effort was well worth it—the all-over color turned out gorgeous, natural and healthy. Lisa loves life on the grey side, and has found a lot of pride in embracing her true color and the wisdom and power that comes with aging. There’s an emotionally empowering component to going grey—many have noted that with her new hair, she looks more like her mother, which is a beautiful reminder of the strength and beauty of the women who came before her.



If you’ve been thinking of embracing your grey, you are probably wondering what the process will look like. Our team at The Studio is here with decades of expertise and a deep passion for excellence, and we will walk you through the experience, making sure you feel comfortable and cared for every step of the way.

First things first, we’ll do a consultation. Your stylist will ask you some questions, look at your hair and make a plan for how to get you to the grey of your dreams based on your hair’s texture, existing color and length. This is where you will build trust with your stylist and ensure there are no awkward feelings along the way. We encourage our guests to be honest and transparent during this process—there’s no judgment if you’ve used box color! Part of the plan will include showing you any Aveda products you should use before the process begins to make sure your locks are in optimal health—starting with healthy hair will ensure the experience goes smoothly.

During the consultation, your stylist will discuss price with you. It’s important to set realistic expectations about the cost of a service, which is $115 an hour. While this might seem high, we maintain that when it comes to professional hair services, you get what you pay for. Our stylists are highly trained professionals with years of experience and a deep dedication to keeping your hair healthy as we transition to the color you want.

The actual grey coloring service can last anywhere from 6 to 12 hours (there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for healthy hair), and our team will work hard to make sure you are comfortable during the process. We encourage you to bring something to read, listen to or work on while you wait, and to keep in mind that coloring hair in a way that keeps it healthy is often a lengthy process. But we promise it’s worth it!

While your stylist is working on the steps to get you to your dream color, you’ll have their full attention and they’ll ensure you are looped into the steps they’re taking on your hair. When you have breaks to process, they’ll discuss what products you can buy to maintain your hair’s color and health, and how you can change up other parts of your look to complement your new color. They might suggest new lip colors or different products that will mesh well with the tones of your hair. They will also discuss the ongoing maintenance you’ll need to do to ensure your hair stays vibrant and healthy. This is a great time to ask any questions and take advantage of your stylist’s vast wealth of knowledge and education on all things beauty.

Feeling ready to embrace your grey? We’re here to help, support and guide you every step of the way. Call us at The Studio Salon at 601-268-1162 (Hattiesburg location) or 601-651-2790 (Laurel location) to set up a consultation with one of our stylists!