Brittany’s tips for second-day hair

By, Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio

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Hair stylist Brittany Merrill is well known at The Studio for her ability to rock second-day hair… and third and maybe fourth…

We’ve asked her to reveal her secrets! Not washing your hair every day has its benefits. It will not only help keep your hair healthy and shiny from the natural oils produced by the scalp, but it will also extend the life of your color and save you a lot of time during the week! Heard that.


Day 1

“You’re always going to start with a good shampoo,” Brittany says. She then blow dries with a round brush and uses Aveda Volumizing Tonic and Hair Potion to keep her volume at the roots.

Brittany sets her hair with Air Control, which she says is a workable hair spray that works great for her first-day look.

Day 2…3…4

On Day 2, she sprays a little bit of Pure Abundance Style Prep at the root and blow dries it in to remove any excess oil at the scalp. “The style prep also gives you volume,” she said.

After that, Brittany usually re-curls her ends and uses Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hair Spray to give her that messy, but polished look.

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Other style options for second-day hair and beyond

Sometimes re-styling second- and third-day hair and leaving it down isn’t exactly an option. Brittany gives a couple of suggestions for pulling it up while still looking stylish.

Stylist Coy Scott decided to take Brittany’s tips and give it a go.

The Messy Ponytail- Re-curl hair. Tease crown and spray. Tease ends. Secure into a ponytail using a comb to smooth out the crown and sides. Using a comb with a pick, lift the hair on top. Re-style and tease ends as necessary to give bounce. Coy suggests using Control Paste to piece it out and give texture and definition. Finish with Aveda Control Force and/or Air Control hair spray.






















The Bun– Repeat steps for The Messy Ponytail. Re-tease ends. If hair does not have enough volume on its own after teasing, you can either use a bun-maker or tube sock to roll the hair into a bun. Pin into place and use Brilliant spray-on shine to give it luster. Using a comb with a pick, lift the hair on top and pull pieces out to give texture, interest, and body. Finish with Aveda Control Force and/or Air Control hair spray.


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