Your favorite products, delivered to your door

In today’s busy world, online shopping is not just a lifesaver, it’s a way of life. While we love nothing more than having our guests visit us in the salon, we know online shopping makes your life easier on a … Continued

Relationships are Built on Trust

I love the ” Beauty ” business. I have been in it for over 35 years. Everyday we get to encourage, care for and make our clients look and feel beautiful. But owning and operating  a salon  comes with its … Continued

Changing Your Hair Color

Thinking about changing your hair color ? Recently we had the pleasure of having Alberto Rossell-Davis from  Aveda  visit the salon, and let me tell you, WHAT A TREAT. It was very enlightening to know someone like Alberto spends hours perfecting … Continued

Ba Ba Balayage

“Is An Ombre and Balayage the Same Thing?”   “Am I saying that right? Ba-lee-age? Ba-lay-age?!”   With summer slowly creeping upon us, (but was it ever really spring?), that natural “sun highlight” will be everyone’s wish. Why not get … Continued

Gifting With a Purpose

We rush, we grab, we are all doing our best during this time we call Holiday. What if we slowed down and  gave  gifts with intention? Aveda holiday gift sets are gifts with a purpose. Every time you give a … Continued

“Oh, so you answer the phones?”

“Oh, so you answer the phones? That makes you a receptionist, right?” Though most might think that answering the occasional phone call makes one “receptionist-ish,” it’s quite the contrary. We prefer the title, “Front desk extraordinar’s with an emphasis on … Continued