Before you ask for purple hair…

By Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio,

“Purple hair? Or maybe blue ombre.’ Silver hair? Oh I know… Alabama Crimson Tide colors! Yeah, that’s what I want! Just like this picture.” [Points to picture on cell phone]

Hold on there, princess. Let’s discuss this first.

We have noticed a hair trend rising here at The Studio among teenage and even some college-age girls over the past year. Bright, bold Crayola colors. While that’s fun and all and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd, there are some things you need to understand before you go for it.

Here’s what you need to know:

1) The darker the hair is currently, the less likely it is for a bold color to show up before lightening the hair first. Yes, if it’s bright purple that you want, more than likely that means lightening the hair first to at least a pale yellow, basically white. Depending on how dark your hair is starting out, the more time and processing it will take to get it there (ESPECIALLY if the hair has been colored previously). Virgin hair lifts easiest.













2) If the hair does need to be lightened first, the service is then considered a double-process color. Be prepared to pay for extra product costs and time. Or in the case that your appointment was scheduled as a regular single-process color, there may not be enough time and you might need to schedule a second appointment to finish the process. Come in for a pre-appointment consultation to avoid this scenario and schedule in enough time.

3) Be very clear with the stylist about what you want to see. The more information, description, visual aid you can offer, the better the stylist can deliver what you ask for. Do you want to see 1, 2, or 3 different shades or tones in the hair? If it’s an ombre’ or balayage you are asking for, do you want the appearance to be more highlighted or more solid/dip-dyed? What areas do you want the color placed? From roots to ends or just the ends? Lavender or true purple?

purple balayage












4) If you do reference a picture, be realistic. Your hair might not be the same as the person’s in the picture. Therefore, the result may differ. The goal of the stylist should be to aim to get your hair as close to the picture as possible while discussing with you what is realistic for your hair. Be understanding and heed any professional advice and recommendations your stylist offers.

ALSO, there is this thing called Photoshop…













5) Be prepared for the upkeep. The upkeep and maintenance for bold, highly pigmented colors is not optional. Sure, you could come and get some mermaid colored hair, go home and use any old shampoo and conditioner, but be prepared for your colors to fade immediately and be gone within a week. All your money and time down the drain. Color Conserve and regular color glosses at the salon are absolutely vital.


6) Be prepared to pay more in price than your average color service. To achieve pure tone looks, more pigment needs to be used per 40-gram formula. Price will be determined by how much color is used to achieve your desired result, additional products and processes used for the pre lightening process, and in some cases, extra time spent.











All that being said, working with bright, bold colors can be fun for both the stylist and the guest when both are on the same page. It gives the stylist a chance to be creative and produce something out of the box. It is our job to educate, inform, and be honest with our guests, and that is what we intend to do at The Studio. Please don’t hesitate to call the salon and speak with a guest services team member. They are here to answer your questions and schedule pre-service consultations if necessary.

We hope to see you soon!

-The Studio team