Aveda Stylist Favorites

By, Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio

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This week, we’re rolling out the red carpet for 4 Aveda stylist favorites: Volumizing Tonic, Phomollient, Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, and Brilliant Damage Control.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!!


Volumizing Tonic- Allure Magazine’s best volumizer January 2014

volumizing tonic

Volumizing Tonic creates maximum volume on fine to medium hair. The certified organic aloe and wheat amino acids help to build body and add shine. It is sprayed on damp hair prior to blow-dry styling.

The Studio’s Kasha Hughes, a hair stylist who has been with Aveda for 11 years, says Volumizing Tonic and Phomollient are her go-to styling products because most clients like the added volume in their styles.

“One thing I love about Volumizing Tonic is you can use it on second-day hair with velcro rollers or a round brush and activate it with heat from a blow dryer,” Hughes says.

Guest services manager Savannah Smith says Volumizing Tonic and Daily Hair Repair are 2 products the salon sells the most of.


Phomollient- 5-Star product rating and recommended to a friend by 97% of guests


Phomollient creates weightless volume on fine to medium hair and adds shine without build-up or weight. It acts the same as a styling mousse, but pumps out more like a liquid foam. The formula includes certified organic honey, burdock, and marshmallow root.

“Phomollient is one of the most versatile products,” Smith says. “You can use it with a round brush, use it to enhance curls, or use it on second-day curly hair for a wavy look.”

Guest services coordinator Carson Childers says she uses Phomollient from roots to ends for maximum volume.

Hughes says the Volumizing Tonic and Phomollient are good for every hair type because they are lightweight. “The Phomollient adds a tremendous amount of shine into the hair,” she says.



Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair- 5-Star product rating and recommended to a friend by 99% of guests


This daily leave-in treatment is stated to instantly repair damaged hair by 26%. It helps protect from heat styling and detangles to help prevent further damage. Certified organically-derived quinoa protein, wheat protein, and soy-derived oil are the magic ingredients in this popular product.

“I love it. I’ve started using it every day since I got highlights along with the Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner,” guest services coordinator Lucy Lewis says.

Stylist Anna Bailey says the Daily Repair works best for blondes typically and anyone suffering from dry, split ends. “It has more protein to repair over-processed or mechanically damaged hair,” she says.


Brilliant Damage Control- 5-Star product rating and recommended to a friend by 97% of guests


A foundation for any hair style, this spray is used as a pre-styling tool to protect hair from the hazards of combing, heat styling, and sun damage.

“It’s great for all hair types, but especially fine to medium hair,” Bailey says.

Smith says the Damage Control is detangling and makes the hair very soft.









***Ask a team member about any of these products during your next visit to The Studio, and find out which ones are best for you!