Discover your culture with Aveda mineral makeup


By, Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio

Culture Clash.

What does that title bring to mind? A clash of cultures. A melting pot of world trends, styles, and looks all competing for attention. A giant chaos of colors that somehow find a way to come together in harmony. What a beautiful concept.


That’s the theme of Aveda’s new collections this year, including the limited edition spring/summer makeup. Think “a world of color in one harmonious palette.”











It’s hard to find beautiful, functional, natural plant-based makeup free of harsh chemicals and excess ingredients that isn’t tested on animals, is it not? Good news. You can find that right here at The Studio!

In our salon, the focus tends to lend itself toward hair, but we truly believe Aveda’s makeup is a well-kept secret gem. Next time you’re in for a visit, take a gander at our makeup counter and let one of our team members try a few things on you. You’ll fall in love just like we have.

“Everyone’s favorite is the inner light mineral dual foundation,” says guest services coordinator Savannah Smith.


The foundation provides full coverage when applied dry and medium to light coverage when applied with a damp sponge or brush and gives a matte finish. It is also non-caking, talc-free, non-acnegenic, and formulated without parabens.

Guest service coordinators Lucy Lewis and Carson Childers both said they have started using the inner light mineral tinted moisturizer and like that it provides good coverage, but is still much lighter than other tinted moisturizers.

“I also started using [the tinted moisturizer] because it has sunscreen in it,” Childers said.











Other staff favorites include nail technician Kayla Herring’s uruku bronzer and sunkissed melon lip glaze, hair stylist Devin Pittman’s translucent powder, and new talent Bianca McQueen’s cactus blossom lip liner and berry bud lip glaze.

“I also like the illumination eye shadow,” McQueen says, “It gives you a nice champagne glow.”

Hair stylist Kasha Hughes’s all-time favorite is the mango juice lip glaze “because it looks different on every skin tone,” she says. “All Aveda’s makeup is plant-based and not tested on animals.

“Aveda developed mineral makeup in the 80’s before it was popular,” Hughes said.

Hair stylist Karlie Ely says she likes how Aveda’s foundations and tinted moisturizers “provide a lot of coverage, but still feel soft and natural on your face.”