The Studio’s 6 Tips to Healthier Highlights


By, Leighanne Lockhart/The Studio

Freshening up those highlights for summertime? But, of course.

If you’re familiar, you know highlighted hair just needs a little extra special attention and TLC to prevent it from becoming brittle and frayed. Our stylists at The Studio offer their best tips for maintenance and upkeep of those fragile, beloved blonde locks.

The Studio’s 6 Tips to Healthier Highlights

1) Repair. 

When hair is highlighted, pigment is lifted out which damages and dries the hair out in the process. That’s why using the proper products is so important in order to repair the damage. Aveda’s Damage Remedy line —including Shampoo, Conditioner, Intensive Restructuring Treatment, and Daily Hair Repair— uses plant oils and quinoa protein to restore health, silkiness and shine. The products deeply penetrate to help repair and strengthen from the inside out hair weakened by chemical processes, heat styling and environmental exposure.

Additionally, ask your stylist about our deep conditioning treatments for professional use only. The treatment is sprayed into the hair at the bowl after shampooing and sits for 5-10 minutes before rinsing out. The Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy deep conditioning treatments dramatically and noticeably improve the texture and health of the hair and lasts from 6-8 weeks.



2) Limit sun exposure.

“One-hundred hours in the sun— including walking to your car and everything in between– is the same as putting bleach on the hair,” stylist Devin says. “That’s why protecting your hair is important too.”

Aveda’s Sun Care line includes a water-resistant UV-defense mist called Protective Hair Veil that helps to preserve and protect hair color and highlights. Learn about all the sun care products in our summer essentials post here!

Or simply, find a cute floppy hat to cover your head while you’re sunning, says stylist Kasha. “Also, you can pre-wet your hair prior to swimming, and use the Sun Care Shampoo & Body Cleanser to remove chlorine and salt build-up. Highlighted hair is more porous, so it’s more prone to soak all that up.”

Sun Care Collage


3) Limit shampooing and heat styling.

“Don’t shampoo everyday!” stylist Coy says, “It’s better to use products to freshen up already-styled hair as opposed to restyling from scratch everyday.”

Marcus recommends using Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep as a dry shampoo because it absorbs oil from the scalp when sprayed on the root. The Hair Potion, also from the Pure Abundance line, is a powder excellent for refreshing lift at the crown with less teasing involved. Ask your stylist to show you next time you’re in the chair!

Marcus says, “If you have to use heat, use a brush and blow dryer over a flat iron.”













4) Use the right tools.

Sometimes using the right brush makes all the difference. Been using that same brush for years? Replace it! Certain brushes, especially old, worn-out and frayed ones, are abrasive to the hair shaft and damage the cuticle. In addition to damaging the texture, the wrong bristles will scratch off your hair color taking away its freshness and shine and leaving your hair looking dull.

The Studio has recently started using and selling Ergo brushes, which feature “heat-resistant nylon bristles infused with a tourmaline crystal complex which creates negative ions to penetrate and condition the hair. The ions are released when tension and heat are applied helping to maintain healthy hair and repair cuticle damage. When the cuticle is closed, hair color resists fading from UVA/UVB rays.

The round brushes feature the longest barrels in the industry (about 1” longer) to allow for larger sections of hair to be used, allowing a faster overall finishing time (That means less heat styling overall!).

A greater distance between the ferrule (the solid portion closest to the handle) and our seamless handle design helps prevent any hair from catching around the handle.”

Coy says another tip for blow drying is to cut down the heat and increase the air flow.



5) Refresh your tone at home.

After your lightened hair comes out of the foils, it almost always has to be toned to achieve the overall desired shade of color and balance. In many cases, blonded hair loses its desired tone after a few weeks and needs refreshing.

Stylist Karlie recommends Aveda’s Blue Malva and Clove shampoos and conditioners that allow you to refresh your tone at home to save you an extra trip to the salon.

Blue Malva neutralizes brassiness, and Clove enhances warm tones.

blue malva clove












6) Add some lowlights, too.

Since highlighting involves removing pigment out of the hair, it’s beneficial to put some back in by depositing a color.

Stylist Leighanne suggests allowing your stylist to add in some lowlights in addition to your highlights to keep some color and a deeper tone in the hair for an overall better texture, feel and dimension. “And a lowlight doesn’t necessarily have to be much darker than your highlight,” she says.

Another option is to schedule an “in-between appointment” in which you come in and let a stylist re-tone, or gloss, your highlights to keep that fresh, silky feel and maintain your tone.