Changing Your Hair Color

Thinking about changing your hair color ? Recently we had the pleasure of having Alberto Rossell-Davis from  Aveda  visit the salon, and let me tell you, WHAT A TREAT. It was very enlightening to know someone like Alberto spends hours perfecting hair color. He proved that he was a master not only his technique, but on the timing of every appointment. “The days of the 30 minute in-and-out are slowly dying.”- Alberto Rossell-Davis


In every issue of Cosmo, People, Vogue (etc.) magazine that is published, we see the many  hair colors and lengths of Kim Kardashian’s ever-changing locks. Yes she might have a “glam” team on speed dial, but hair is hair. No matter the head that it is on. It takes patience, time, and dedication of both the stylist and the guest to get to the desired end result of every hair color session. We are now seeing some women spending three to four hours in the salon, but the end result is not a color that is partially done. Instead, it was executed thoroughly from the consultation, to the technique of the application, and lastly the desired color. LET THE COLOR DO WHAT IT WAS MADE TO DO and that takes time.


“It’s really up to the professional to be able to evaluate throughout the consultation on what technique will get that guest to the point that they want.” Bluntly telling a guest, “Oh yeah, this look is going to take a while,so we can do some today and some tomorrow”, is a conversation topic that needs to be strayed away from. Let’s find a way to make that service happen today. That’s the beauty of our culture at The Studio and Studio R3. We work together and closely as a team so we can accommodate these lengthy hair color services and make the most of your time and your visit in our salon.