Gifting With a Purpose

We rush, we grab, we are all doing our best during this time we call Holiday. What if we slowed down and  gave  gifts with intention? Aveda holiday gift sets are gifts with a purpose. Every time you give a … Continued

“Oh, so you answer the phones?”

“Oh, so you answer the phones? That makes you a receptionist, right?” Though most might think that answering the occasional phone call makes one “receptionist-ish,” it’s quite the contrary. We prefer the title, “Front desk extraordinar’s with an emphasis on … Continued

New guests, be warned. We might catch you off guard.

By Leighanne Lockhart/ The Studio, If you’re a newbie at The Studio, be forewarned. You might be caught off guard. You thought you were just coming in to get your hair done. No, maam/sir, you thought wrong. You and your … Continued